[[en]]Copyright and permissions[[zh]]版權聲明

[[en]]Copyright © 1996-2023 International Labour Organization. All rights reserved.[[zh]]© 1996-2018 國際勞工組織版權所有

[[en]]The ILO holds copyright in the information available on this Web site, unless otherwise stated. Copyright in any third-party materials found on this Web site must also be respected. You may request permission to reproduce the ILO materials available on this Web site as follows:[[zh]]除註明外,國際勞工組織是本網站所有內容的版權擁有人。請同時尊重本網站內標明由第三者擁有版權的內容。如欲複製本網站內屬國際勞工組織的內容及資訊,請先取得以下許可:


[[en]]ILO Publications and Data[[zh]]國際勞工組織的刋物及資料

If you would like to copy, translate or otherwise reproduce the ILO material for commercial or non-commercial purposes, consult the page Permissions to Reproduce ILO Publications and Data for further instructions.如欲抄錄、翻譯或複製國際勞工組織的內容及資訊作商業或非商業用途,請參閱複製國際勞工組織刋物及資料的許可頁面(只提供英文版)中的進一步說明。

[[en]]ILO Photographs[[zh]]國際勞工組織的照片

[[en]]None of the photographs on this site may be freely reproduced and all remain the property of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which holds the copyright in them.[[zh]]本網站上的所有照片均不得隨意複製。所有照片均屬國際勞工組織(ILO)的財產,由國際勞工組織持有該等照片的版權。

[[en]]Should you nevertheless wish to download and use one or more photographs from the ILO photo library, you will be granted conditional de facto authorization to do so, free of charge, if you meet and agree to all the following conditions:[[zh]]如欲下載並使用國際勞工組織照片庫中一張或多張照片,須先滿足及同意以下所有條件,方可免費獲得有條件的事實授權:

  • [[en]]Not to copy, duplicate or forward the photo or a representation thereof in any way whatsoever for the purpose of resale;[[zh]]不得以任何方式抄襲、複製或轉發照片或其陳述以作轉售;
  • [[en]]Not to use the photo for a purpose contrary to the ILO’s objectives or to human dignity and respect;[[zh]]不得將照片用於違背國際勞工組織目標或人類尊嚴及尊重的用途;
  • [[en]]Not to use ILO photos of people to promote a product or idea that differs from their actual activity;[[zh]]不得使用國際勞工組織的人像照片來宣傳與其實際活動不符的產品或思想;
  • [[en]]To respect the meaning and context of any caption provided with the photo;[[zh]]尊重任何照片說明中的含義和內容;
  • [[en]]To include the obligatory copyright notice ("© ILO / [name of the photographer]") on the reproduction medium, whatever the nature of the reproduction, representation or interpretation of the photograph.[[zh]]不論照片的複製、呈現或闡釋性質如何,在進行複製的媒體上務必註明版權聲明(「©ILO/[攝影者姓名]」)。
  • [[en]]The ILO reserves the right to modify the present conditions and to impose additional conditions on the authorization for use of photos. It may revoke an authorization at any time.[[zh]]國際勞工組織保留修改現有條件及對照片使用權施加附加條件的權利。國際勞工組織可以隨時撤銷授權。
  • [[en]]Failure to meet one or more of the present conditions will result in revocation of the authorization to use the photo with immediate effect, without prejudice to any other recourse. The ILO reserves the right to take legal action.[[zh]]如未能滿足一項或多項現有條件,在不影響任何其他追索權的情況下,將立即撤銷照片的使用授權。國際勞工組織保留採取法律行動的權利。

Some clearly identified photos are not directly accessible from the database and are subject to a written request for authorization to send by email to multimedia@ilo.org identifying the publication and describing the context in which the photo will be used.一些清楚識別的照片無法直接從資料庫中取得,須發送電郵至multimedia@ilo.org作書面授權申請,請註明會使用該照片的刋物及描述其使用背景。

[[en]]ILO Logo (emblem)/ Name[[zh]]國際勞工組織的標誌(徽號)/名稱

[[en]]The Name and Logo (emblem) of the International Labour Organization are legally protected and may not be used without express written permission which will only be granted when appropriate in very limited circumstances. Requests will only be accepted if they are in writing and contain the following information:[[zh]]國際勞工組織的名稱及標誌(徽號)受法律保護,未經明確書面許可下不得使用。該許可僅在非常有限的情況下,於適當時授予。只有以書面形式提出並包含以下資訊的要求才獲受理:

  • [[en]]the reasons in full for the request;[[zh]]詳盡的申請因由;
  • [[en]]details of the intended use; and[[zh]]用途詳情;及
  • [[en]]full contact details of the person or organization making the request.[[zh]]申請人或機構的詳盡聯絡方式。

Requests for permission may be sent to brand@ilo.org .有關許可申請可電郵至brand@ilo.org處理。

[[en]]ILO Public Information[[zh]]國際勞工組織的公共資訊

Press Releases and Press Kit material from the Public Information site may be reproduced freely. Texts of World of Work Magazine may be used with specific mention of source.公共資訊網站的新聞公佈和新聞資料包內容可供自由複製。可使用World of Work Magazine(只提供英文版)的文本並清楚註明來源。

[[en]]ILO Audio and Video Productions[[zh]]國際勞工組織的影音製作

ILO audio and video productions are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 IGO (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO) licence . Subject to said terms, users are free to share ILO audio and video files with the condition that they are attributed to the International Labour Organization (ILO) and are not used for commercial purposes. With reference to section 4(e) of the license, ILO audio and video files must in particular not be used for a purpose contrary to the objectives of the ILO or in a manner which does not respect human dignity.國際勞工組織的音訊及影片已獲共享創意的姓名標示——非商業性——禁止改作3.0 國際政府組織(CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO)許可。根據上述條款,用戶可在非商業用途下自由分享國際勞工組織的音訊及影片,唯其版權實屬國際勞工組織(ILO)所有。根據許可的第4(e)條,國際勞工組織的音訊及影片絕不能用於違背國際勞工組織目標的用途,或以不尊重人類尊嚴的方式使用。

ILO b-rolls and international versions of ILO audio and video productions are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 IGO (CC BY-NC 3.0 IGO) license . Subject to said terms, users are free to share and remix ILO audio and video files with the condition that they are attributed to the International Labour Organization (ILO) and are not used for commercial purposes.國際勞工組織的輔助鏡頭(b-rolls)和國際勞工組織的音訊及影片的國際版本均獲共享創意的姓名標示——非商業性——禁止改作3.0 國際政府組織(CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO)許可。根據上述條款,用戶可在非商業用途下自由分享和重混 國際勞工組織的音訊和影片,唯其版權實屬國際勞工組織 (ILO)所有。

[[en]]Links to other Web Sites[[zh]]本網站以外的超連結

[[en]]Although the ILO encourages reciprocating links to other relevant Web sites in the effort to increase visibility to both sites, hyperlinks to other Web sites imply neither responsibility for, nor approval of, the information contained in those other Web sites on the part of the ILO.[[zh]]儘管國際勞工組織鼓勵與其他相關網站建立互換連結,以互相推廣,但國際勞工組織並不對國際勞工組織以外任何連結網站的內容負責或進行審批。